Regardless of where we find inspiration, the experiences that inspire us the most are the ones that motivate us to act, to explore an idea further.  I have been inspired by a good number of fabulous quilters whose hands-on classes have moulded the way I approach my work with fabric.  Here are some of the notable teacher-artists and what I’ve learned from them:

  1. Judy Farrow –  showed me how value transforms fabric art (but colour gets all the credit). It was an ah-hah moment from which I’ve never looked back.
  2. Barbara Shapel –  showed me how to make use of the incredible variety of threads available to quilters nowadays and inspired me to practise free motion quilting so that my stitch quality will always be as good as it can possibly be.
  3. Esterita Austin – showed me how to capture light in fabric and make it glow even from the depths of a long dark shadow. Another ah-hah moment.
  4. Martha Cole – taught me about the process of developing an idea from inception to the creation and completion of an original piece of work.

dog portrait

Last but not least, my jack russell Tashi and her friends at the dog park  fascinate and entertain me every day with their doggy expressions made only with their eyes, ears, and tails. They inspire me to capture those wacky, funny, cute, and playful expressions in fabric.

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