Art Quilters I Admire

The world of art quilting seems to be expanding in leaps and bounds. As much as I would love to see their works in person, thanks to the internet we can find out about the fabulous artwork being done without having to leave our living room. Here are a few of the people whose work I am in awe of.

Barbara Yates Beasley – Barbara sets the bar high with her animal portraits. She has mastered the construction of expressive eyes in her furry/feathered creations and manages to make the wildest fabrics all work together to convey her 3D animals.

Kate Themel – an award-winning fabric artist and teacher living in Cheshire, Connecticut who has mastered the use of thread as her painting medium.

Lenore Crawford – her beautiful quilts reflect her love of France, French architecture, and flower gardens, with mastery of color and realism.

Leni Wiener – Leni translates her photographs in fabric by layering commercial fabrics and composing her images with raw edge machine appliqué. She captures the mood of her subjects, who she catches on camera going about their everyday activities, through their body language by paying careful attention to colour, value, and patterns of the fabrics she chooses. Seeing her quilts is like people-watching at its best.

Sue Benner – Sue has a gift for using colour in abstracts that I wish I could emulate. Makes me realize how dull my fabric collection is…well, comparatively so.

Terry Aske – Terry has so many talents, where do I begin? She’s uber-productive, not just in making quilts but also in marketing herself to magazines and quilt shows. Lucky for us, she generously shares many of her methods online at her blog which she updates regularly.


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  1. Terry Aske says:

    Anne, I’m thrilled! First, that you find my work inspiring, and second, that you included me on a list with Kate, Lenore, Leni and Sue. They are all quilters whose work I greatly admire too. Thank you.

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