Here, Kitty Kitty…

A new pet has joined the dog pack and this time it’s a kitty cat. I’m pleased to say that everyone’s getting along just fine although that’s quite a glare on her face, don’t you think?

quilted pet portrait, cat portrait

Quilted cat portrait

This cat portrait came together quickly using the method I’ve outlined in previous posts. This time, I decided to go big so I enlarged the line drawing 140% on my Canon printer. Here is the line drawing of the cat, the fabric value reference chart showing the eight fabrics I chose and the templates fused to the respective fabrics, with Lite Steam-a-Seam tacked onto the wrong side. The cat’s eyes were irresistibly green and I was lucky to find the exact colours in my fabric stash

Process for making pet portrait


I traced the cat onto a thin piece of muslin with an ultra fine Sharpie pen and now it’s ready to begin the construction phase. This phase of the project is truly like painting by number as I fill in the shapes marked on the muslin. I always start by laying down the pieces that are furthest away as they will lie underneath the closer shapes. The exception is that I add the eyes last. The eyes are a key to connecting with the portrait so I’m reconsidering this step and plan to experiment with placing the eyes down first. They’ll need to be cut a little larger to bury them underneath the fabrics lying overtop of them.

Cat line drawing

Cat line drawing marked with values


As I auditioned the cat against the muted pink batik, the pink nose popped out and completed the triangle of the cat’s gaze. That told me I’d found the right background. Kitty is is up on the wall now and I can almost hear her purr.

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