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Welcome to my blog! Here, I will be sharing my favourite quilting tips and the techniques I use to make my artfully quilted pet portraits. These are the same techniques you’d use to translate any photograph into an art quilt so if you’re wondering how it’s done, be sure to check out my blog posts. I’ll be linking with other quilt artists who specialize in this technique too.

The seeds of my passion for quilting go back to my early years when I accompanied my mom to local quilting bees and I watched the quilts being made one hand stitch at a time.  When it dawned on me later in life that I wanted to make a quilt, I was completely oblivious about how to do it (..like I said, the seed was planted but it took years to grow). There were few resources at the time, so I followed the instructions for making a baby quilt in the Readers Digest Guide to Needlework.

Many years later and many quilts (and classes) later, it dawned on me that there must be a reason that some quilts sing while others sit and look, well …ordinary. So I linked up with some quilting friends to study the elements and principles of design. It was while studying how to create depth and perspective in fabric that my love of making quilted pet portraits took flight. Capturing the spirit of the pet in fabric is immensely satisfying and leaves me eager to finish and start the next one.

When I’m not quilting or walking my Jack Russell, Tashi, I am usually hiking or riding my bicycle … and if the travel gods are smiling on me, that means my husband and I are riding along a country road somewhere in la belle France.

Most of all, I’m excited to be sharing this journey with you on my blog. And blogging is all about sharing so please chime in with your comments or questions and share with your friends …thanks for visiting!

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